Limited Edition Giclée Prints

Taken from the French verb 'gicler' meaning to spray or squirt, giclée is simply a fancy way of describing high-end ink jet printing, in order to distinguish it from the low-end technology some of us use in our offices. Ironically, the French don't much like the term, and on the Continent, you may come across prints made by 'digigraphie' - exactly the same process.

All of the prints are made with seven color archival pigment inks. These inks are nothing like the ones that you use in your home printer nor the ones used for mass-produced factory prints. They are expensive museum-quality pigments formulated specifically to work with the range of hand-finished papers such as the Lyson Standard Fine Art Paper which is a smooth surfaced Acid free WaterColor paper, warm white or cream in appearance (310gsm / up to 2880dpi) and fully compatible with dye and pigment based inks.

According to industry tests, under normal circumstances, they will last for generations; some pigments makers claim up to 80 years. Each of them comes with a certificate that has the printing company's mark of quality embossed into a metallic gold seal at the bottom of it.

Any prints ordered will be delivered through Salt of the Earth official website. For more detailed information on giclée prints or prints delivery, please visit the Salt of the Earth official website.

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