WhiteSpace ArtGallery

When Alex showed me his work for the first time I was so impressed by the maturity and craft in his work, for a young man, that I leap-frogged him into the current exhibition.

His attention to detail with regard to presentation is unsurpassed and, consequently, it comes as no surprise that he is now a selling artist.

His personality and passion for his work are engaging and I have no doubt that his success will continue to grow over the foreseeable future.

Mansel Davies - Proprietor - WhiteSpace ArtGallery


I have known Alex for just a few years, but in that time I have seen a remarkable change within his personal dynamics.

Alex always had a deep interest in Art and Design however, this has been developed to the high standards he now maintains through motivation to succeed and driven by his ambition to study, understand and achieve.

In order to realize his dreams, he returned to his native homeland - Romania, often working more than twelve hours a day in order to achieve his goal. I am sure that Alex will succeed as he deserves no less.

Sandra Cutler - M.A., A.M.B.D.A., DIP.Sp. L.D., Cert. Literature Development.

The Artist's Statement

In our mad rush to achieve all those insignificant, material standards that are imposed on us by modern society, we often find ourselves forgetting the meaning and true values of life itself, losing any true feelings or genuine wishes along the way!

Living in the same society, it is only through my works that I can set myself apart from all of that and display my bare soul...finding strength within the work itself!

So feel free to stop and wonder...to ignore and pass by, criticize or praise them...but if they do catch your eye, engage the emotions they stir in you.

These works are neither easy, nor pretty on the eye. They are purely snapshots of states of mind, thoughts and emotions from life, as it unfolds.